MEME, Video, Installation, Morse code, Sound, 2min 12s, 2020

Meme is a work focused on the news. Due to the development of media technology and platforms, we can receive the news from morning to night. Among the countless news, there is news that has always been received for a long time. There is only a small difference between the announcer and video clip, but the content is the same story.

I pass by these news casually, just like everyday scenery. In this situation, the news come like a meme. Instead of being used in the original meaning, memes are recreated and are delivered in a completely different meaning. The news that already repeatedly reproduced like meme mutate into another meme in the process of being consumed. In this time when the process and the form of information generation, distribution and consumption change rapidly I would like to consider how news is being defined.

Simulation of Exhibition View